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Welcome to 757 Roxx where you can find the best local bands in Hampton Roads. We feature the best talent and bands at the best local venues. Bands range from Reggae to Rock N’ Roll and everything in between. Rock out with us on WSKY 4 in the 757 and on channel 4 in NC (252) at 12:30am on Saturdays. Don’t miss an episode!

Promote your band for free! We are looking for bands of all genres to be on our music TV show, 757 Roxx. Your video will be aired in Virginia on WSKY 4 and here on our website, There is no cost at all, so send your videos to our email, with a short bio on the band and let us promote your band for free! Come out to Captain Ron’s every last Thursday of the month for video taping. All bands welcome for the taping.

757 Roxx studio now has rehearsal space availabile! Full monitor rig with mics and amps. Heat and A/C plus bathroom on premises. Call Kevin Colen at 757-729-3381 for prices and availability!

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About Us

Theme Song - Scott Wellington

Ryan McDonald - Videographer

Dave Daggett - Videographer

Wendi Daggett - Videographer

Dave Arena - Audio Engineer

Tony Colon - Audio Engineer

Kevin Colon - Video Editing

Grace Garvin Little - Video Editing

Dave Arena - Video Editing

Dawn Colon - Marketing

Dave Daggett - Marketing

Wendi Daggett - Marketing

Scott Fielder - Webmaster

About Us