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Episode 1

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Death House Blues, The G-Bombs, Cole Wilder Gang, Madison Warner, Left Wing Fascists, Stealing Oceans and Ol Ocean Highway

Episode 2

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Everafter, Jack Ledger, Pretty Ugly, Rhetorik, Jumbo Rollers and The Vir

Episode 3

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Deja, Jeremy Mangrum, Inoculum, Exploding Sun, Pretty Cruel and Hotboy Whit

Episode 4: 4th of July Special

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Moaning Lisas, Friction Burn, Suburban Key Party, A New Day Rising, Uncle Jack, Metal Collaborations and Tommy 2Guns and the Banditos

Episode 5

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Junior Jr., Big Moses, Just Standing, Bennett Wales, Tusko Fatale and Suspect

Episode 6

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Junior Jr., Big Moses, Just Standing, Bennett Wales, Tusco Fatale and Suspect

Episode 7

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Court Street Company, Jay Rakes Band, Shmoov, Buckshot and Everafter

Episode 8

Host: Kit Katt

Crazy Daze, See A Little Light, Brian Grilli, Dirty Toys, Gregg Gutty and Anthony Rosano and the Conqueroos

Episode 9

Host: Kit Katt

Pufferfish, Hostile Within, Lucky 757, Rellen, Shane Dollar, Meaghan Rose and Antik Taylor

Episode 10

Host: No Host

Stealing Oceans, Mojo Collins, Chris Johnson, Turncoat Syndicate, Enamity, Dear Adumus and Tre’von

Episode 11: Halloween Special

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Mammoth Black, Cold Gin, Bark At The Moon, The Cemetary Boys, Jack Ledger, Nettie Ledbetter and Travelers

Episode 12

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Court Street Company, Billy Mercury, Fallout of Fear, Up In The Air, Left Wing Fascists, Ol’ Ocean Highway and Black Lion Insurgents

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