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Episode 1

Host: Alyson Little

Metal Collaborations, Midbest, Frank Ford Project, Lucky 757, Tusco Fatale and Iamdynomite

Episode 2: Christmas Special

Host: Alyson Little

Turncoat Syndicate, Marah Strickland, Glen Perkins, Unk Al and the Amazing Mediocre, Tommy 2Guns and the Banditos, Meaghan Rose and an interview with Turncoat Syndicate

Episode 3

Host: Alyson Little

Brian Grilli, Suburban Key Party, Iamdynomite, Triad, Sinister X and an Interview with Iamdynomite

Episode 4

Host: Every King and Commoner

Buckshot, Rellen, Pretty Ugly, Every King and Commoner, Caleb Folks and The Lonely Tear Drops

Episode 5

Host: Alyson Little

Gregg Gutty, Billy Murcury, Mammoth Black, The Reef, The Muddy Gems, Antik Taylor and Such Great Heights

Episode 6

Host: Alyson Little (Credited)

Bam Bam Betty, Moaning Lisas, Glen Perkins with Shane Dollar, Full Fledge, Rosebird and Exploding Sun

Episode 7

Host: Jay Rakes

Skip Friel and the Resonators, Everafter, Jay Rakes Band, The Cemetery Boys and El Oh Ell

Episode 8

Host: Curtis Cowles

Bennett Wales and the Relief, Rose Cora Perry and Untold Truth, Buckshot, Tyler Meachum, Thunderbolts of Jupiter and Patient Zero

Episode 9

Host: Hostile Within

Hostile Within, Chasing Comets, Greg Gutty, Brian Grilli, Equally Opposite and Lucky 757

Episode 10

Host: The Muddy Gems

Cha Cha’s Cadillac, The G-Bombs, Iamdynomite, The Muddy Gems, Black Tie Society and Metal Collaborations

Episode 11

Host: The Duf Franco

Junior Jr., Riot Strike, Court Street Company, The Vir, Ol’ Ocean Highway, Jesse Chong and Stealing Oceans

Episode 12

Host: Dustin Furlow and Matt Thomas

Travelers, Brett Williams, Cole Wilder Gang, Rastamiles, Dustin Furlow and Matt Thomas and The New Mutiny

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