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Episode 1 : Aired 08/03/19

Host: Hardwire

Buckshot, Surgerific Dudes, The Reef, Hardwire, Revery, Greg Gutty and Midbest

Episode 2: Aired 08/17/19

Host: Tom Southern

Brian Grilli, Rellen, Suburban Key Party, Fallout of Fear, Cole Wilder Gang and Gio Da Vinci

Episode 3: Aired 08/31/19

Host: Drew Little

Inoculum, As The World Burns, Chloe Royale, Rachel and the Jellycats and Shawn James

Episode 4: Aired 09/14/19

Host: Al Staggs

Boxford, Pretty Ugly, Exploding Sun, Big Al Staggs, Premise and Turncoat Syndicate

Episode 5: Aired 09/28/19

Host: Irievive

Mammoth Black, The Muddy Gems, Irievive, Meaghan Rose, Nerve Scheme, Jeremy Mangrum and an interview with WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy

Episode 6: Aired 10/26/19 Halloween

Host: Runnin’ Shine

Songe New Mutiny, Runnin’ Shine, Cold Gin, Unk Al, Cemetery Boys and Fallout Of Fear

Episode 7

Host: Tornado Bait

Bambam Betty Brian Grilli, Tornado Bait, Chaos Theory, Bobby Blackhat Band and the Lazy Dangers

Episode 8

Host: ?

Coming soon!

Episode 9

Host: ?

Coming soon!

Episode 10

Host: ?

Coming soon!

Episode 11

Host: ?

Coming soon!

Episode 12

Host: ?

Coming soon!

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