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Episode 1

Host: Jules Edwards

Recliners, Revery, Brian Gilli, Skip Friel & the Resonators, Lost Ambition and Premise Da Wild Child

Episode 2

Host: Jules Edwards

Seven Ten Oil, Rodelo, Shane Dollar, Buckshot, Greg Gutty, Echoes of Solitude and Doublespeak

Episode 3

Host: Jules Edwards

Armed and Dangerous, Jay Rakes Band, Typecast, Dragon Chaser, Brian Baker and Meaghan Rose

Episode 4

Host: ?

E.S.L., Jack Ledger, Rasta Miles, Mojo Collins, Sea of Souls, Afterthought and Stranger

Episode 5

Host: Jules Edwards

Mammoth Black, Tyler Layne, Rellen, Buckshot, Ross Coppley, 180 Out and Shane Dollar

Episode 6

Host: ?

Brian Gilli, Meaghan Rose, No Strings Attached, Dragon Chaser, Second Hand and Tre’von

Season 3

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