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Episode 1

Host: ?

Dear Adamus, Turncoat Syndicate, Dragon Chaser, Fallout of Fear and Fat Chance Annie

Episode 2

Host: ?

Coming soon!

Episode 3

Host: Jules Edwards

The Vir, Hostile Within, Saturday Night Live, Murphy’s Law, Star 33 and Fallout of Fear

Episode 4

Host: Jules Edwards

The G-bombs, Stangeflesh, White Lightning, Tusko Fatale, Brightley Road and VA Grinch

Episode 5

Host: Jules Edwards

Dear Adamus, Turncoat Syndicate, Dradon Chaser, Fallout of Fear, Fat Chance Annie and The Nerve Scheme

Episode 6

Host: Jules Edwards

J and the Band, Brian Gilli, Grinners Flight, Soulstice Reb’l and Rastamiles

Episode 7

Host: Jules Edwards

The Muddy Gems, Eight Inner Gates, Mammoth Black, Taylor Jones, Without Warning, Exploding Sun and Shane Dollar

Episode 8

Host: Jules Edwards

POV, Buckshot, Cysten, Brett Williams, Relix and Premise

Episode 9

Host: Jules Edwards

Jack Robinson, Groovie Cats, KG Sucka Free, Sphere and Face First

Season 4

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