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Episode 1

Host: Narissa Wolke

Sea of Souls, Onyx, Exploding Sun, Suspect, The G-Bombs, Billy Joe Trio and Virginia Honor Guard

Episode 2

Host: Narissa Wolke

Seven Ten Oil, Lucky 757, Dirty Toys, Skip Friel and the Resonators, Funhouse and a Billy Pooler interview with Fallout of Fear

Episode 3

Host: Narissa Wolke

Muddy Gems, Turncoat Syndicate, Mojo Collins, Full Fledge, Such Great Heights and a Billy Pooler interview with Scarz Within

Episode 4

Host: Narissa Wolke

Travelers, Rellen, Anthony Rosano and the Conqouroos, Metal Collaborations, Greg Gutty and The Dynamos

Episode 5

Host: William Pooler

Hostile Within, JNM, Urban Hill, Runnin’ Shine and an interview with Runnin’ Shine

Episode 6

Host: Narissa Wolke

The Reef, Seven Ten Oil, As The World Burns, The Travelers, Funhouse and a Billy Pooler interview with Hydra

Season 6

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