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Episode 1

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Brian Gilli, Anthony Rosano and the Conqueroos, Tattalac Groove, Courtstreet Company, Greg Gutty and an interview with Pretty Kruel

Episode 2

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Rellen, Stereobloom, Nay Nay, Suburban Key Party, Point of Vue and Geo Da Vinci

Episode 3 - Halloween Special

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Jack Ledger, Fallout of Fear, Sea of Souls, Tusko Fatale, One Among Us, Meaghan Rose and Primetime

Episode 4

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Revery, Muddy Gems, The Lonely Teardrops, Rhetorik, Metal Collaborations and Shmooz

Episode 5

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Pretty Ugly, The New Mutiny, Find Me Alive, Buckshot, Mojo Collins and Full Fledge

Episode 6 - Christmas Special

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Tommy 2Guns and the Banditos, School of Rock VB, Suburban Key Party, Lady V Soul and the Band and Marah Strickland

Episode 7

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Court Street Company, Hostile Within, Brian Gilli, Patient Zero, Carlos Fernandez & Billy Montgomery and Skip Friel and the Resonators

Episode 8

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Rellen, Dirty Toys, Sterobloom, Point of Vue, Premise and Glen Perkins with Shane Dollar

Episode 9

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Rastamiles, Bill Miles Band, 30D, Retrosonic, Turncoat Syndicate and Big Dawwg

Episode 10

Host: Kaitelyn Post

The Nerve Scheme, Up In The Air, Brian Gilli, Lunch Meat, Billie Joe Trio and Antik Taylor

Episode 11

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Crazy Daze, The Reef, Detonators, El Oh Ell, Tusko Fatale and Travelers

Episode 12

Host: Kaitelyn Post

Tommy 2Guns and the Banditos, Chris Johnson, The Jay Rakes Band, Billy Montgomery, Uncle Jack and As The World Burns

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